shannon & elle: beautiful souls

Last night I had the privilege of photographing my very first wedding. I was nervous and excited all in one, but luckily I had already gotten to know the beautiful couple. 

- Shannon & Eleanor -



Shannon works with a good friend of mine and was searching for a wedding photographer. Although I had never shot a wedding before, she reached out to me. Shannon, Elle, and I sat down for coffee one morning a few months back and I got to know their love. They told me their story and showed me their world. 

The two met over 4 years ago here in Austin, Texas. It was one of those remarkable findings through an online dating service. The internet prevailed. The two met one day and went for a Greenbelt hike. That was it. Hours and hours later, they knew each other a bit more. 

They said they weren't each other's types. Elle said that she had never been on an online date and was only doing it to make a point to her roommate. But it worked. It just simply grew from there.

Up until that point, Elle had been known to the world as Brad. She was thought of as a 'he' to the world around her. Shannon loved Brad with her whole heart, but the beauty in it is that she loved the soul within this other human. For Eleanor to take the leap and unveil her true self, was a massive undertaking, not knowing how the world would react.

What a crazy world we live in for it to be our greatest fear to show our truest self to the world around us. 

But she had the courage. When Brad told Shannon that she has never in her life felt like a Brad, Shannon didn't flinch. Shannon simply opened her arms as wide as she could for her soulmate who was evolving into her truest self. Her love only grew deeper, for now Eleanor could blossom.

To love another human on their deepest level of being..  

They are simply soulmates.

It's a true thing. It exists. It is a rare sight to witness but my oh my, it is an honor. 

They allowed me to come in and document their connection.

It's beautiful. It's pure. It's true. 

May you two lovely ladies live a long lifetime of happiness and bliss.