Travel brings about certain feelings that you just must let out in some sort of expressive manner. I suppose that is just life, but when you are alone in a foreign country, you feel life intensified.

 It seems as though all of your emotions are extremely heartfelt, whether a moment of sadness, frustration, or elation, it is felt in its entirety.

You become consumed.

There is nobody around you to pawn your thoughts off to or to ‘distract’ you from your own mind. When are you alone, you are wandering, marveling, and interacting.

The smile you exchange with the wrinkly, bright-eyed Burmese woman is felt through your entire body. It captivates you. It is pure, raw and felt from each layer of your heart.

You are lost in that moment, sinking deeper into the depths of life’s connections. Your mind drifts off to wonder about her family, her upbringing, her daily life, and her happiness.

Instantly, you are brought back.

Dogs are barking all around you, chasing one another, scavenging for food, and trying to impregnate their friends. There are about 15 of them now circling each other. Some are trying to play and others are trying to escape. You become wrapped up in it, thinking about this society of dogs. All around you these dogs exist in various parts of their cycle – eating, sleeping, barking, chasing, itching, sleeping, eating.. More thoughts arise. These dogs are free. They roam through the fields and through the city, doing whatever it is that they please. Are these dogs happier than those of our western homes? Are dogs meant to be immersed in a community of similar creatures or to be loved gently by a human?

Sounds of laughter break up your train of thoughts and as you look up you see three little girls covering their mouths as they ride off on their bicycles. As you lock eyes and share a smile, these squeaky giggles echo louder.

Two young monks walk past, sharing an umbrella.

Your eyes shift off to the women in the distance. Their sweaty, winced faces are covered by pointed bamboo hats as they work, keeled over in the fields.

How much money do they make? Do they do this everyday? Is that woman carrying a baby as well?! What would I sound like if I did their work for even just one day? I am so privileged..

My god it is a beautiful day.. The entire scenery just paints a scenic portrait. These three little birds sitting along the telephone wire above these incredible women perched up in the tall green stalks with the bright blue, clouded sky decorating the expansive ceiling.

Life is truly so breathtaking.

The sound of life existing around me right now is whispering the most peaceful, delicate tune in my ear. Closed eyes, open heart; I pause, soaking in all that is going on inside of me. There is as much to observe on the inside as there is on the out. 

A soft smile appears. I feel it. Then eyebrows raise and one sweet tear glides smoothly down my cheek.

Happiness. Love. Beauty.

 I am engulfed in it.. It overwhelms my whole being causing this drip of life to inch its way out of my eyeball. I am so affected. It is just an incredible thing to feel life so strongly.

Let life move you. Let yourself drown in its ups and downs. Cry when life is too good. Cry when you see tragedy and suffering.


Live with no barriers. Allow yourself to feel without limitations.

Breathe in everything around you and watch how it fills your body. Use your empathy. It is your greatest tool to connect you to the world around you.. We are all one entity. Empathy could save this world of most problems.

We only inhabit this Earth for this one life. Why limit yourself from feeling it to the fullest? Experience it. Sadness deserves to be felt in its completeness as well. Sometimes, life is sad. Embrace it. Feel it.